6 Problems You Will Encounter with Your Furnace and How to Solve Them

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Are you having trouble with your furnace? Perhaps your furnace is not turning on, or maybe the efficiency levels of have dropped, or even worse, the noise levels have increased. The majority of problems you will encounter with your furnace are caused by 6 major problems. Let’s go over them.

  1. Furnace Not Turning On
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This is a common problem that can be caused by two things. The first could be that a power cord is not plugged into an outlet. The remedy of this is simple, plug in the cable into a power outlet. The second can be attributed to a tripped circuit breaker. The solution for this is to check if the fuse has blown. Replace it if that is the case.

  1. Thermostat Problems
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A thermostat that is not working is the second most common problem you are likely to encounter. For a programmable thermostat, there are two possible problems.  The first could be dead batteries. If the batteries are dead, you need to replace them to get your furnace working. The second problem is wrong settings. In the event of incorrect configuration, ensure that the thermostat is programmed to align with the season. A setting that works in spring will not work in fall.

  1. Noisy Furnace
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It’s easy to believe that your furnace is only noisy because of its age. This is far from accurate. A noisy furnace is an indicator of two things. Either the heater has a clogged burner, or the airflow has been significantly reduced. To deal with this rattling sound, clean the air filters at least once a month. Use a manual for guidance or get a professional to demonstrate how to do this clean-up job.

  1. Clogged Drain Lines

Clogged drain lines result in dropped efficiency. If permanently clogged, the damage could be permanent. If you notice a decrease in performance, check under the unit and look for the pan. Chances are high that the container will be filled with water. The solution is to empty the pan and flush out the drain pipe.

  1. Frequent Cycling

Cycling refers to the switching on and off of the furnace. There are three possible reasons for cycling. The first is that the filter is clogged. The second is that there does exist a problem with the airflow. The last is a malfunction of the thermostat. To solve the above, you will need to either clean or replace air filters or check the settings of the thermostat.

  1. Insufficient Heat
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This is a salient problem. At face value, the reason behind a furnace not producing enough heat is simple. The furnace is the wrong size for the space it occupies. The solution to this sort of a headache is simple – get a furnace that is suited for the area that it is meant to serve.

The above are the most common problems that you are likely to encounter with your furnace. You can sort out most of these problems including furnace not turning on by yourself without involving a professional. However, if you’re unable to pinpoint the problem or can’t quite figure out how to solve it, contact a furnace repair expert.


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6 Problems You Will Encounter with Your Furnace and How to Solve Them

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