Guest Room Ideas that Will Remind Your Guest of Home

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If you have a guest coming over for an overnight stay – or even longer – you want them to feel as comfortable as possible in this space. Sometimes getting caught up in the preparation means we miss things that are important to those who are coming by. So these tips can help you with making sure your guests feel welcome right at home.

1) Toiletries and other necessities.

Save your guest from having to ask by providing them with a fresh towel and wash cloth for them to use in the bathroom. Of course, point them in the direction of where they can find extras, but place these in an obvious space in the room can answer the question before they even ask. To add a nice touch, include bathroom essentials, such as a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, body wash, and lotion. Placing a night stand by their bed with these visible and easily accesssible can be a great place to store these items.

2) Extra blankets.

Providing extra blankets is an excellent way of making your guest feel comfortable in this space. Store these in a visible place such as a display cabinet. If you don’t have this type of furniture piece available, consider an ottoman with a lid that you can easily store blankets and linen.

3) Consider their personalities and enjoyments.

One sure way of a guest feeling at home is considering their needs, enjoyments, and personalities. Gift a travel journal for your jet setting friend. Include their favorite snack in the room. Utilize Facebook as well to consider these personal touches, if you need ideas for what they enjoy.

4) Give the room some personality.

It can be a simple touch of adding in a desk. Or painting the room a pop of color (consult a painter if you are not comfortable doing this yourself). Or adding in fresh flowers to the room. Give the room a personality of it’s own can make the guest feel like they want to be there. Imagine your favorite hotel you’ve ever stayed at and put that type of design consideration into the guest room space you are creating.

5) Add personal photos.

If you can, add in personal photos into the room to remind them of times well spent. Add these photos in a frame that you put on the bedside table. This is a sure way of making them feel welcome and at home in your home.


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Guest Room Ideas that Will Remind Your Guest of Home

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