Top 10 Home Maintenance Tasks Everyone Should Master

You don’t need to be a home improvement Jedi master to get simple maintenance work done around the house. If you are determined to learn, you can save a ton of cash by doing some of the common maintenance tasks yourself. In fact, they are so easy, anyone can do it. Here’s a home maintenance checklist for tasks you should be able to do. 

  1. Turning Off the Gas

In case of an emergency, you might be required to turn off your shut-off-valve. Find out where your gas valve is located and how to turn it off. If there’s an accident in the home, a natural disaster or you small gas, you will need to turn off the gas.

  1. Resetting a Circuit Breaker


A power outage or overloaded circuit can cause your power to go off. You should learn how to reset the circuit breaker so you can turn power back on after it goes out.

  1. Know Your Way Around Your Electrical Panel

Learn how each breaker in your electrical panel controls electricity to each room. It should be clearly labeled to avoid confusion. If this is not the case, call an electrical to help you figure out what goes where.

  1. Shutting Off Water Supply

While you may never have to touch your water valve, it’s important to learn how to turn it off in case a pipe bursts. This could be your only option if you wanted to stop a deluge of water.

  1. Stop a Running or Leaking Toilet

Nobody wants to live in a home with a leaking toilet. It’s messy and wastes a lot of water. It can be caused by a stuck chain or flapper, or even worn out parts. Knowing your way around these parts can save you a ton of trouble. You might need a professional plumber if the leakage does not stop.

  1. Replacing an Air Filter

Make a habit of inspecting your air filter at least once every month. This helps keep your air conditioning, heating and ventilation in tip-top shape. Learn how to check and replace the filter since you might need a new one every three months.

  1. Adjusting Water Heater Temperature

Your water heater should be set at around 120 degrees to provide adequate heat and avoid scalding. Learn how to check and set it to this optimal level. This will help avoid the buildup of corrosion and reduce your energy bills.

  1. Installing Weather Stripping and Caulking

Windows and doors are one of the major sources of air leaks. You should learn how to seal them properly to save significantly on your power bill.

  1. Using a Stud Finder
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Want to hang something on your wall? Whether it’s a TV, a picture or a mirror, you will need to find a stud to support its weight. Use a stud finder instead of making arbitrary holes on your walls trying to find one. Learning how to use a stud finder Is easy.

  1. Paint Touch-ups

Paint touch-ups  is a must have on your home maintenance checklist. Every home needs a fresh coat of paint after some time. All you need is a roller and some paint and you’re ready to go.  The best part about this is that you can pull off a professional looking job while having fun with the whole family.

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Top 10 Home Maintenance Tasks Everyone Should Master

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